Different Screens & Different Qualities

For some types of phones, in particular the iPhone range there are a number of different types as a replacement. The iPhone 7 for example had about 7 different variations ranging significantly in price and quality with the best replacement screen costing as much as 10 times as the cheapest. This becomes even more complicated when iPhone begun using organic light-emitting diode or OLED screens as opposed to Light-emitting diode or LED screens.

Some repair companies offer just one type for a particular model and may not make it clear which type that is. We try to offer the customer as much choice as possible with a range of screen types but without sacrificing quality or potentially putting the device at risk of a poor quality screen causing damage.

Below we outline what a typical range of screens are for an iPhone 7 or 8.

A typical online market place screen type compared to an ESR type screen

A typical GMO screen type compared to an ESR type screen with warmer colour