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How long is the warranty on my repair?2020-05-11T16:04:23+01:00

Unless specifically stipulated otherwise all repairs carry a 12 month warranty for pars and labour.

Will I still be charged if my device cannot be repaired?2020-05-11T16:06:58+01:00

With the MAIL IN service there is no charge if in the rare circumstance we are unable to effect a repair to your device. With the CALL OUT service, in the rare circumstance a repair cannot be effected to your device only the call out charge of £15 is payable.

How soon can I get my device repaired, for example can I have it done today?2020-05-11T16:09:33+01:00

Generally yes, the majority of repairs are are completed the same day. 90% of urgent requested repairs are completed within 48 hours.

What area do you cover for CALL OUTS?2020-05-11T16:20:40+01:00

We cover the most of Kent and Sussex. Contact us to confirm we can reach you.

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How long before my device will be repaired?2020-05-11T16:24:09+01:00

If you selected the CALL OUT option then you can expect a technician to make an appointment with you for the same or following day or further ahead if that suits you. If you selected the DROP IN option then you can expect your repaired device to be returned no later than 7 working days from when the device was booked in (for some repair types). Most smart phone repairs are completed same day.

I have heard that some iPhone repairs cause problems with the finger touch id function?2020-05-11T16:26:06+01:00

There have been cases in the past of poorly trained and inexperienced companies and individuals damaging the sensitive parts located near the finger print scanner module on some devices. At SnappyApple we only have qualified experienced technicians and therefore it is not a problem we encounter.

What parts do you use in your repairs?2020-05-11T16:28:41+01:00

Simply, we use the very best parts from manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Mitsubishi. These replacements are classed as AAA components where not a genuine original.

Do you use Apple genuine parts?2020-05-11T16:30:20+01:00

In some cases yes. Newer model devices use original Apple LCD’s however in some older generation models “Triple A” components are just as suitable.

Will a SnappyApple repair invalidate my existing warranty?2020-05-11T16:32:27+01:00

Sometimes yes but not in all cases. For further information you can book a repair and then speak to the technician with regard to existing warranties.

How can I tell which iPhone or iPad I have?2020-05-11T16:39:20+01:00

You can book a repair for the device you think you have and a technician will be able to confirm the model with you. However for more information on identifying your iPhone or iPad you can find assistance here: For iPhones: For iPads:

Find your iPhone Model

Find your iPad Model


Will my data be safe and protected?2020-05-11T16:40:51+01:00

Before sending a device to us you should, where possible back up your data. We appreciate that with some devices that have been damaged that it may not be possible. We take great care to ensure there is no data loss but unfortunately as with any company including Apple we can not guarantee this. In some rare specialist types of repair a restore is required but you will be notified if that is required. SnappyApple is regulated by the ICO (Information Commisioners Office)


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